YayaTV - Privacy Policy

Information that we collect

Administrator Email for one user/contact at the Senior care facility is the only identifiable field that is currently collected. Email for admin at the Senior facility has a single use regarding a single email sent by the system in order to validate a user account ( admin accounts only - granted special priviledges over groups and channels used by the system). No email is required for family members using the app.

Media information that we store

This is created by users and stored by the app on the third party storage cloud run by parse.com. Default visibility for media is CREATOR_ACCESS_ONLY. Unless the creator shares a media item using the share feature, NOTHING will be shared and nothing can be viewed by users other than the creator. All communication between the app and the parse.com cloud is encrypted. Any user generated media provided by parse.com to the app is delivered using encrypted web connections. All requests for user media rely on a low level security protocol that explicitly handles access privileges with every request for data.

Account Termination, Media Deletion


Results in the deletion of all media created by that user account.